THURSDAY, June 20, 2024

MOUNTING ORCHIDS and TIPS to keep them spectacular

learn about orchids

Visit our resources page to learn more about orchids or stop by one of our meetings.  Join us for the enjoyment of orchids!


THE GULF COAST ORCHID ALLIANCE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Southwest Florida with a unique and fresh approach – a desire to reach out to the community and share knowledge so that everyone can enjoy learning about orchids.

OUR MISSION says it all:

To promote interest in orchids by providing educational opportunities to learn about orchid culture in an enthusiastic, enjoyable, supportive and inclusive environment where beginners to advanced hobbyists can exchange orchid information and ideas.  The Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance reaches out to the community, inspiring others to learn about orchids and orchid conservation.


We are a group of Orchid lovers. For Orchid lovers. By Orchid lovers. Open to Orchid lovers.

If you love Orchids and are looking for a place to learn more about them and gather with other Orchid lovers, then Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance is for you.