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Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance (GCOA) is committed to providing special benefits and privileges associated with membership.  Members have access to monthly educational workshops presented by renown orchid professionals at no additional costs beyond annual dues.  Members also view the best grown orchids in various genera and can bring orchids from their own collections to be judged and awarded ribbons each month.  Annually, GCOA presents cash awards in four categories to winning members.  GCOA holds plant sales and an annual Orchid Show for members to have their submissions viewed by the most prestigious orchid judges of the American Orchid Society.  Members can receive ribbons and cash awards at the annual Orchid Show and share the beauty of orchids with the general public.  One of the best aspects of membership is the socialization among members each month.  Members sit at round tables and learn about orchid culture from other members and senior growers in the group.  Special events at meetings promote interactive learning. Holiday celebrations give members an additional opportunity to make new orchid friends and share growing tips.  Outreach events help to bring education about orchid cultivation and preservation to the community in Naples.

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