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Potting Party! 

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14th – 6:30 p.m.

Naples Conference Center
1455 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL

Join GCOA on WEDNESDAY, August 14th for a Potting Party! As a Kick-Off to our upcoming hands-on Educational Outreach Events, Members and Guests will learn different ways to pot and re-pot orchids, mix up a batch of first-class potting mix at each table, and pot up a brand new plant to take home! 

Members participate for free; Guests, $5, to help cover the cost of plant, pot, and orchid mix. 

Bring a dessert or snack to munch on and come join the Potting Party! All welcome! 

We’ll also be taking questions on common repotting problems, treatment of pests and bacterial rot in our orchids, and anything else anyone wants to ask about growing and maintaining a healthy orchid collection! Bring your questions! Our hand-on “workshop” meetings are lots of fun … be sure come join us! 

For information, text or call 239-269-6389.