Rosalyn Cassar was born in New Jersey and lived more than twenty years in Long Island, New York.  Her undergraduate studies were completed at Rutgers University in N.J..  She has a Master’s degree in Social Work Administration from Hunter School of Social Work in New York City and also graduated from the Executive Management Institute, Columbia University Graduate School of Business.  Holding executive positions in non-profit organizations for more than thirty years, she found it a privilege to serve high risk children from abusive backgrounds.  For twenty years of her life, she served homeless singles and families, helping to write proposals to raise funds to build housing and sheltering opportunities.  Rosalyn served many disenfranchised people suffering from mental illness and chemical addictions and it was an honor to supervise programs that enhanced their lives. She supervised the fiscal and contractual aspects of their government contracts.  In her personal life, she has been fortunate to be married to her husband, Michael.  They have three grown children. As they both enjoy traveling, they are fortunate to have visited many countries around the world.  In 2014, after wintering in Florida for a few years, they moved to Naples permanently.  They started growing orchids on their lanai and it is a joy to watch more than 200 orchids in their collection bloom and thrive.